Plug-ins for the Soft City


Digital-Twin based Smart City/Building Integrated Management System


PLUXITY stands for plug-ins for the soft city which might be all connected together.

To achieve that, we pursue to develop more expandable and practical solutions for the smart city.

There are lots of different systems in the city and buildings dealing with management points such as security, energy, network, and environmental information. In addition, each system has each way to monitor it with its own map system. Especially in the IoT (Internet of Things) world, there is a limit to express and manage information in the two-dimensional map. 

To overcome this limitation, Pluxity has developed integrating information systems based on the virtualization of environments, surrounding us, such as 3D spatial information technology, VR and AR technology. With these technologies, the administrator in building or city, can intuitively check and cope with the real-time information in 3D space and even predict the next situation. In addition, we have been focusing on the new technology that can predict the next situation and enable proactive response.


Urban Integrated operation solution

Convergence security control solution

Energy control solution

3D based

Kiosk solution

Data Centercontrol solution

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