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​Digital twin-based integrated city operation solution

PLUG City, which is 3D GIS-based smart city control platform, applies IoT technology to 3D city space model to provide smart service. It identifies issues in the city efficiently and automatically and IoT technology and services a user wants are visualized in the 3D GIS map.


Main functions

  • Integrated monitoring linked with MOLIT 3D map

  • Public data integrated monitoring

  • Urban energy monitoring

  • ​Socially vulnerable people monitoring

  • CCTV intelligent monitoring

  • Urban facility management

  • Urban map management

Urban energy monitoring
Energy facility mark on 3D map
Smart street status display (on/off)
​Noise/air quality and environmental monitoring
CCTV intelligent monitoring
Marking CCTV location on  3D map
Automatic detection of crime/accident
Tracking criminals based on video analysis
City facility management
Facility status/history management
Facility real-time status and event situation monitoring


  • Busan eco-delta smart city virtual city operating platform design (2018.12)

  • ​Rural ICT integrated monitoring system (2016.04)

  • Busan smart city monitoring system setup (2015~2017)

  • Suwon city hall integrated monitoring system (2015.05)

  • Seoul city hall 3D indoor map platform (2014.05~)

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