Digital twin-based data center control solution

PLUG Data supports intuitive status analysis and prompt decision making by integrating the management of space and asset information in one system. It is possible to solve problems such as facility expansion and building expansion due to lack of space by predicting spatial demand through the identification of equipment and intuitive spatial management.

Main functions

  • Monitoring network traffic

  • ​Monitoring suver/network equipment control element

     (temperature/humidity, power inlet, distribution panel, equipment load, etc.)

  • Error/event alarm, notice to the administrator

  • Server/network equipment history management

     (equipment setting date, model name, system specifications, core occupancy rate, etc.)

  • ​Real-time monitoring of server room (access/security access management)

Equipment level real-time data analysis

Visualizing event upon error occurrence

Visualizing building/floor level management status


  • Institute for Basic Science server and network integrated monitoring system (2015.01)

  • SK C&C Daeduk data center integrated monitoring system (2015.11)

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