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PLUG Factory

​Digital twin-based smart factory control solution

PLUG Factory provides an integrated environment for equipment and facilities in 3D. It enables to identify the information, current status and problem of plant and facilities by linking with sensors and monitoring.


Main functions

  • Plant and equipment/facility 3D modelling and visualization

  • Upon abnormal condition in the plant or facility, event alarm pop-up and location are displayed on the map

  • Status monitoring regarding equipment, safety, fire and access

  • Management of layout information of the plant equipment (new placement, movement, editing, deletion) and visualization

  • 3D virtual patrol for the security area

  • Evacuation route upon emergency, integrated SOP information

3D visualization of plant and facility
Searching the list of equipment placed for each line
Visualizing plant equipment name and location based on 3D
3D based equipment placement management and virtualization
Drag & Drop or simple value manipulation make it possible to change equipment location, size and rotate x,y,z axis.
New equipment place and history inquiry
3D made equipment can be relocated individually in whole with simple manipulation
Each equipment placement history inquiry


  • ​​Haesung DS 3D based smart factory system (2019.03)

  • Samsung Display A5 Tangjung integrated monitoring system (2018.02)

  • SK Petrochemical district fire prevention platform (2018.02) 

  • Hanwha Techwin Changwon factory integrated monitoring system (2018.01)

  • LIG Nexone Gimcheon factory integrated monitoring system (2015.03)

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