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PLUG Driving

​Digital twin-based autonomous integrated monitoring solution

PLUG Driving is a solution to provides information to cope with external environmental factors and operation management technology. It synchronize with autonomous vehicles in real-time to monitor the status and trace of them.


Main functions

  • 3D-based detailed map for transportation facilities

  • Display of driving status, moving speed and direction of individual autonomous vehicles

  • ​Support wireframe mode for moving vehicles

  • Management of autonomous vehicles, a notification with sound

  • Movement of autonomous vehicles(cars, robots, drones) and tracking of routes based on history

  • Real-time synchronization of autonomous object information(location, status) on the map

  • Automatic expression of CCTV and sensor information on abnormal situation


Autonomous vehicle movement animation and path tracking

Visualization of the driving status, speed and direction of autonomous vehicles

Automatically display CCTV and sensor information when an event occurs

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