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PLUG Energy

​Digital twin-based renewable energy control solution

PLUG Energy, which is an efficient energy management tool, is possible by measuring new and renewable energy power generation amount. For example, the process of absorption, storage and conversion of solar energy into electrical energy is visualized and simulated in 3D image and analysis and statistics of power generation amount of each facility are reported.


Main functions

  • Visualizing 3D-based new and renewable energy facility installation location, number and actuation

  • 3D visualization and simulation of the process of solar energy absorption, storage/ transition to electricity

  • Visualization of real-time power generation amount, consumption amount analysis and statistics

  • Status and statistics of energy use for each facility


Visualization of energy facility installation location and information

Visualization of building-level real-time power generation amount and consumption amount analysis and statistics

Visualization of facility-level power generation, power generation time, cost analysis and statistics


  • KT-MEG Photovoltaic integrated monitoring system (2019.04)

  • Seoul Seodaemin-gu zero light pollution village (2017.12)

  • ​KEIT system light 2.0

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