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PLUG Station

​Digital twin-based subway/railway control solution

PLUG Station makes very easy to find out the location in case of emergency by visualizing subway station based on 3D spatial information map. Moreover, it is possible to make quick judgment and response for station managers. For the public, it helps to secure the location of the field and provide evacuation route information on the monitor.

PLUG Station - Alarm.jpg

Main functions

  • All/zone-level station 3D modelling and visualization

  • Upon an abnormal situation, event alarm popup, location and nearby CCTV images are displayed on the map 

  • Status and control for PSD, CCTV, access control, shutter, intrusion detection, SOS, fire facilities

  • Visualizing train operation information (approaching/stop/departure)

  • Virtual patrol for route designated by the operator

  • Evacuation route upon emergency, SOP information

Real-time station monitoring
through CCTV

Visualizing the status information of equipment installation


Subway operation status real-time monitoring


  • Seoul Metro Smart Station Line 2 (Ongoing)

  • Busan Metro Smart Station Test-bed (Ongoing)

  • ​Seoul Metro Smart Station 3D integrated monitoring system (2018.10)

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