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PLUG Kiosk

Digital twin-based kiosk solution

PLUG Kiosk provides to visitors to the space based on the 3D indoor space map. This is 3D spatial information based interactive kiosk. It visualizes major facility and commercial store information on 3D map and total routes are introduced when departure, destination, and stopover making it possible for anyone finds route.

Main functions

  • Navigation based on 3D for each purpose

  • Information on stores in the space

  • ​Providing information on commercial facilities and real-time event

  • Supporting multi browsing based on web standard

  • ​Administrator manages space and facility information (registration, editing, deletion, inquiry)


Providing information on commercial facilities and real-time event

3D-based spatial information and location guidance

Web-based 3D drawing and facility information manager (administrator)


  • Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation IoT information system (2018.12)

  • Incheon International Airport Terminal2 interactive map system (2017.02)

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