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PLUG Security

Digital twin-based convergence security control solution

PLUG Security provides an integrated control environment in a virtual 3D smart space. In the 3D spatial map, various security systems such as CCTV, access control system, detection alarm system, fire system can be linked and integrated to provide intuitive space management and respond to events immediately.


Main functions

  • 3D GIS management (Indoor · Outdoor 3D map)

  • Integrated monitoring of security equipment (CCTV, access control, detection sensor, security equipment)

  • Optimized placement of CCTV, and sensor simulation

  • CCTV PTZ, Playback, Matrix view(7*7) 

  • Integrated security event 3D alarm

  • 3D automatic patrol of security area

3D based CCTV monitoring/control(PTZ)
3D based CCTV screen check
Searching past video
Remote camera control
Access control
Access control, detection sensor, people counting sensor integrated management
Entrance/leaving, illegal access real-time display
CCTV optimized placement simulation
Predicting monitoring scope through CCTV spec input and virtual PTZ function
Minimizing installation cost


  • Incheon international airport integrated security system (2018.12)

  • SK Incheon petrochemical district fire protection platform (2018.02)

  • ​​Daemyung Jeju Shinevill Resort integrated security system (2017.10)

  • Trukmenistan Olympia park integrated control system (2017.06)

  • ​Trukmenistan Ashgabat new airport integrated control system (2016.10)

  • Daemyung Samchuk Sol Beach Resort integrated security system (2016.06)

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