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PLUG  Warehouse

​Digital twin-based logistics center control solution

PLUG Warehouse visualizes the location and operation status including personnel, equipment and facility in the logistics center based on 3D and provides real-time monitoring service. Efficient logistics management is possible through logistics center warehouse area automatic calculation and placement, visualization of logistics goods receipt and issue, inventory status.


Main functions

  • Visualizing 3D based logistics center warehouse placement

  • Visualizing environmental information (temperature/humidity) in logistics center

  • Visualizing goods receipt and issue, inventory information

  • Automatic calculation of each area of warehouse창고별 면적 자동 계산

  • Visualizing the current state of warehouse, equipment and work status in the logistics center

  • Visualizing individual logistics status and detailed information


Logistics center space (warehouse) and equipment status management


Visualizing the logistics center environmental information (temperature/humidity)

Visualization of individual logistics status and detailed information


  • Sebang Logistics center

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