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​3D Map authoring software

Anyone easily can make 3D space with abundant architectural components and material library. It is an easy and convenient interface for making space simply. Official tool for the indoor map of Seoul/ 300 maps and 100 maps are made for subway stations and public offices respectively.




​Digital twin-based integrated city operation solution

PLUG City, which is 3D GIS-based smart city control platform, applies IoT technology to 3D city space model to provide smart service. It identifies issues in the city efficiently and automatically and IoT technology and services a user wants are visualized in the 3D GIS map.


PLUG Security

Digital twin-based convergence security control solution

PLUG Security provides an integrated control environment in a virtual 3D smart space. In 3D spatial map, various security systems such as CCTV, access control system, detection alarm system, fire system can be linked and integrated to provide intuitive space management and respond to events immediately.


PLUG Factory

​Digital twin-based smart factory control solution

PLUG Factory provides an integrated environment for equipment and facilities in 3D. It enables to identify the information, current status and problem of plant and facilities by linking with sensors and monitoring.


PLUG Safety

​Digital twin-based Smart Construction Safety Management service


​​Integrated operation of digital twin golf courses All-in-one solution

The PLUG Golf platform utilizes cutting-edge digital twin technology to offer a seamless golfing experience, from course management and game control to customer support and facility operations, all while providing real-time monitoring and issue resolution within the clubhouse.

PLUG Station

​Digital twin-based subway/railway control solution

PLUG Station makes very easy to find out the location in case of emergency by visualizing subway station based on 3D spatial information map. Moreover, it is possible to make quick judgment and response for station managers. For the public, it helps to secure the location of the field and provide evacuation route information on the monitor.

PLUG Station - Alarm.jpg


Digital twin-based data center control solution


PLUG Data supports intuitive status analysis and prompt decision making by integrating the management of space and asset information in one system. It is possible to solve problems such as facility expansion and building expansion due to lack of space by predicting spatial demand through the identification of equipment and intuitive spatial management.

PLUG Driving

​Digital twin-based autonomous integrated monitoring solution

PLUG Driving is a solution to provides information to cope with external environmental factors and operation management technology. It synchronize with autonomous vehicles in real-time to monitor the status and trace of them.


PLUG Warehouse

​Digital twin-based logistics center control solution

PLUG Warehouse visualizes the location and operation status including personnel, equipment and facility in the logistics center based on 3D and provides real-time monitoring service. Efficient logistics management is possible through logistics center warehouse area automatic calculation and placement, visualization of logistics goods receipt and issue, inventory status.


PLUG Energy

​Digital twin-based renewable energy control solution

PLUG Energy, which is an efficient energy management tool, is possible by measuring new and renewable energy power generation amount. For example, the process of absorption, storage and conversion of solar energy into electrical energy is visualized and simulated in 3D image and analysis and statistics of power generation amount of each facility are reported.


PLUG Military

Digital twin-based smart military integrated operation solution

PLUG Military enables to build a process that integrates 3D map with various systems such as facilities, equipment, vehicles, intrusion detection and access control in military units based on digital twin technology


PLUG Kiosk

Digital twin-based kiosk solution

PLUG Kiosk provides to visitors to the space based on the 3D indoor space map. This is 3D spatial information based interactive kiosk. It visualizes major facility and commercial store information on 3D map and total routes are introduced when departure, destination, and stopover making it possible for anyone finds route.

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